Advanced whitening serums are becoming a popular alternative to face masks, with many offering products that deliver a more gentle approach to whitening, but some people still find that masking with the cream isn’t enough to remove the shine.

Here are some of the best products on offer.


L’Oreal Perfect Face Whitening Serum Advanced Whitening serum contains antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-complex to whitens your skin.

This serum has been clinically tested and certified as a whitening product, which means it contains ingredients to treat acne, wrinkles and fine lines.

It is made of organic ingredients including plant extracts and vitamin E. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B-12.

Lush’s Perfect Face Skin Whitening Liquid contains vitamin E and vitamins A and C, with the vitamin C being particularly helpful for those who are sensitive to vitamin C. The formulation is vegan, gluten free, vegan, animal free and cruelty free.

It contains 20% and 20% respectively of antioxidants.

It’s also a non-comedogenic whitening ingredient that can be applied to the face for a longer-lasting finish.

The formula can be used as a mask or as a treatment for acne.


Almaya Advanced Whitened Face Mask Almayah Advanced Whitens face mask with a combination of botanical extracts to whitEN your skin while enhancing its natural moisture.

It has a noncomedogenic ingredient that helps the skin stay hydrated, so you can treat breakouts without removing the shine and the skin’s natural barrier to moisture.

Al Maya Advanced whitens the skin by adding a natural anti-aging ingredient that works in conjunction with its anti-oxidant formula to help retain moisture.

The mask contains an antioxidant blend that helps to reduce the production of free radicals, which can damage cells and increase your risk of skin cancer.

It was made with the help of an in vitro-based process to produce the highest quality ingredients possible.

The face mask contains a natural botanical extract that can act as a natural antioxidant and a skin moisturiser that promotes healthy skin and collagen.


Oribe Beauty’s Anti-Aging Face Mask This is the most popular of the masks and is a product that was developed in partnership with Oribe beauty brand.

The anti-ageing mask is formulated with a mix of ingredients that work together to promote the skin to stay hydrate, reduce breakouts and prevent wrinkles.

The serum contains a combination blend of plant extracts to hydrate and protect the skin, with plant extracts being a natural preservative.

It can be made to work on the face as a facial mask or used to treat skin blemishes.


Alisa Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask The antiwrinkle mask has been designed to prevent wrinkles and help your skin stay youthful.

Alisha Beauty’s anti-wrinkle face mask uses the most hydrating ingredient on the market, the Vitamin E, to keep your skin moisturised and smooth.

Alissa Beauty’s face mask has a combination formula of botanicals and vitamins that work to protect the cells of the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, while also protecting the skin against free radicals and oxidative damage.

It combines botanical and vitamin extracts to help deliver this benefit.


Alife Skin Care’s Antiaging Face Mask With a combination moisturising and anti-inflammatory ingredient, this mask has an anti-acne and antiwrinkling ingredient that is perfect for preventing the formation of red marks.

Alifé skin care is known for its high quality skin care and this mask is a great alternative to masks that can cause breakouts, dark spots and discolouration.

It uses a natural plant extract that helps deliver this soothing effect.

Aliance Skin Care Skin Cream uses an antioxidant, glycolic and retinol blend to deliver the moisturising effect, while it is a nonionic antioxidant that has been proven to treat the signs of aging.

It works well for those with milder skin types and those who have red patches.


Luscious’s Anti Ageing Face Mask Lusious Anti Age Control Face Mask is made to help your face stay young.

It includes ingredients that can help with hydration, reduce the appearance of redness and dark spots, and help reduce acne.

It comes with a botanical ingredient that has also been tested to deliver anti-perspiratory benefits and anti inflammatory properties.


Cinéma’s Anti Aging Face Mask Cinemas Anti Aging Facial Mask is a facial and face mask that works to improve the appearance and function of your skin, while protecting it from damage.

CINEMAS anti aging facial mask is made from a blend of ingredients, such as glycolically-rich plants and botanically-derived extracts, to protect your skin from damage caused by UV rays and other UV-B rays.

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