Posted by  Polly on Tuesday, December 08, 2017 10:36:07 This is a great product that does a lot of the things it claims to, but unfortunately it has some really bad reviews and isnt always on the same page as other brands.

There are some very poor reviews that have been written on it.

It’s very expensive, so if youre going to try it you should seriously consider the price and make sure you know how it works before you buy.

The ingredients list is quite long and includes some potentially harmful ingredients.

You will need to do a little research to figure out what youre looking for.

It can be used as a face whitening and exfoliating serum and it is a nice alternative to whitening cream or face creams that use emulsifiers to increase the pH and soften skin.

It isnt a cream, and the ingredient list doesnt list the ingredients for it, but it isnt very well labelled.

The ingredient list on the bottle is pretty vague and doesnt mention that youll need to use it in a lotion or serum.

I think that is the main thing to look out for.

The main ingredients in the bottle are water, salicylic acid, glycerin, vitamin E and fragrance.

This is not a brand youll be buying a lot, and there are cheaper options for the same product, but if you want to use the product as a serum, it is worth a look.

I used it as a facial moisturiser for about a month and it didnt feel sticky at all, it wasnt greasy and it was a great moisturiser, so I dont think I need to worry about using it as an emulsifier.

If youre not too keen on using a face moisturiser as a skin cream, but want a face wash or serum, then this is probably not the best option for you.

It does have a good moisturising and exudative effect, so it may help to get a little of the moisture out of your face.

If youre a bit more oily than oily, then you may want to look into using a moisturiser or mask instead.

However, if youvent used it for a long time and it feels good on your skin, then it might be worth looking into getting a sample to try.

Price: £34.99 for a full bottle of 10ml.

How to use: Use the serum to buff up the spots around your eyes, cheeks and nose.

Use the moisturiser to get rid of excess makeup.

Apply the serum directly to your skin.