A number of retailers including Amazon and Target have announced changes to their whitening products in the wake of the Zika virus outbreak.

The new products include a “whitener” that offers a range of moisturising products and a “blender” that can be used as a sponge. 

Amazon said it would continue to offer a range from its whitener to the blender.

“We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure all our products are compatible with the new Zika virus, and our customers will see a new range of products coming soon,” a spokesperson for the retail giant said.

“While our current line of products do not contain any active ingredients that can exacerbate Zika symptoms, our team is working closely to ensure the latest in biodegradable, environmentally friendly products are available to our customers.” 

The retailer also announced that it was introducing a range “of cleansing products and moisturisers”.

The spokesperson said the “blenders are designed to remove oil and dirt and will be available in a range across the different categories of whitening and facial care”.

The statement comes after US President Donald Trump said the Zika pandemic had made it “extremely important for us to get rid of as many things as possible before it starts”.

“We’ve got to get this disease out, we’ve got a lot of people that are going to die from this virus,” he said.

Amazon said on Tuesday that it had introduced a new “whiter” product in the US, the Amazone Cleansing Foam, to its whiteners range, and the range has also expanded to include a range that will “soften” to “softens” the skin. 

The product will be offered in five categories, with the “cream” being the “moisturiser” and “creamy” the “foaming cleanser”. 

Amazon added that it has already reached an agreement with the American Dermatological Society to supply “a range of anti-aging products” in response to the outbreak. 

 This comes after Trump announced plans to ban travel from seven countries – including the US – in the name of the “health and safety” of the public.

The US travel ban, which is set to take effect on Tuesday, has been criticised by civil liberties groups, health experts and others. 

Trump’s order was also criticised by top Republicans, who said it was “unconscionable” that a US president would impose such a ban without any evidence to back it up. 

On Tuesday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump had “no evidence” that travel bans were effective. 

He said that the travel ban would “help ensure our nation is safe from the spread of this dangerous disease”. 

“I have to say this is the furthest thing from the truth,” he added. 

“We have no evidence to show that travel ban actually helps prevent the spread.”

The travel ban is expected to affect a large number of countries including the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and some European countries, but has not been made official by the US government. 

This is due to the travel bans being subject to a temporary stay in the country in order to assess whether they are necessary to keep Americans safe. More: