Chanel has launched its first-ever skin whitening cream in its new, more natural line of body care products.

The serum, which will be available at select Chanel stores in the UK and the US, is a product of Chanel’s Skin Care range, which was launched in 2011.

It is a light-medium moisturiser, and is designed to work with all skin types, not just the more sensitive skin types.

It is a water-based serum with a texture that is a combination of almond, cocoa, and coconut oil, and contains ingredients such as vitamin E and B-complex, zinc oxide, vitamin E oil and vitamin E-rich aloe vera gel.

It contains a blend of vitamins C, B5, and vitamin A.

Chanel Skin Care serum, sold as the Body and Skin Care line, contains ingredients that include a combination blend of vitamin E, zinc, vitamin C, and calcium, and an extract of coconut oil.

Chanels Skin Care Serum is currently available in four colourways: light brown, medium brown, deep pink, and deep blue.

The skin is moisturised by a combination moisturiser and a high-purity coconut oil extract.

It also contains a mixture of vitamins B5 and vitamin C3.

ChanEL skin care serum is a moisturiser that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C in its formula, which can help keep skin healthy and moisturised.