By Jennifer Dacey | December 27, 2017 10:17pmAlfred Lopate, owner of the local nail salon, is one of the few to have a full-time clientele, which includes celebrities like Kate Upton and Jessica Biel.

Lopate has seen an uptick in clients since his first salon opened in 2014.

It’s been so successful he decided to open another one in 2018, which he describes as a “new normal.”

“The clientele is growing, we’re getting a lot of inquiries from women who really love this,” Lopati said.

“So I thought I’d just do another one to make sure it’s still a family-friendly place.”

The Lopatises are one of three salon owners in Winnipeg that has been around for 30 years.

They specialize in providing nail and eyebrow care and nail products.

The other two owners are also from Winnipeg.

The first one opened in 1976, and it’s now owned by a group of family members and is run by a sister-in-law.

“Our mom was a dentist, and she always had her nails done and I remember having a little bit of a hobby of doing nails,” Lottate said.

“She always wanted to have her nails painted.”

The first salon was a success, with customers coming in from all over the world.

“We’ve done about three or four hundred appointments,” Lattice said.

Today, the Lopatis have about 300 clients and have been in business since the early 2000s.

“I love the fact that it’s a family run business, so there’s a lot to do,” Lotti said.

They also have a line of lip balm and a range of eye and eyebrow products.

“They do have a little beauty kit that’s a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes,” Lotate said, referring to their size.

“It’s more than the pack of smokes.”

The salon has three floors, but they’re not always at the same time, with different areas in different parts of the building.

“You can’t walk in the kitchen and there’s two bathrooms,” Lotta said.

Some of the rooms have private areas, which Lotti says are important for staff to have privacy, especially in the wintertime.

“When you have a lot people in a room, it’s going to have an effect on their circadian rhythm, which means they’re sleeping in the dark.”

They also offer a full line of manicures, brows and eye makeup, as well as a salon massage therapist.

“The service is great,” Lotte said.

The Lotties are also the only ones in Winnipeg to have the Lottie’s Nail Polish in the city, which is a specialty.

Lottie has been in the business for 35 years.

She’s been around since she was 10 years old and says she’s never been more busy.

“What’s really amazing is that it keeps me going.

You don’t want to give up because you can’t keep doing what you’re doing.

You’ve got to keep working,” she said.

While she says she’ll continue to be open at least until her children are older, she doesn’t have any plans to retire.

“If I do retire, I will definitely take advantage of it, but that’s up to the people,” she explained.

She said she enjoys working at the salon, and that she’s happy with the growth she’s seen in the industry.

“There’s a really healthy, vibrant industry here,” she concluded.