By now, you’ve probably heard about the horrifying story of the woman who was allegedly fired for wearing a mask on her face, and the company that pulled her from their sales and marketing department.

The story made headlines around the world.

The news has prompted a huge outcry in Asian American communities, with many calling on Asian American women to boycott products made by companies that are using Asian women as guinea pigs for their products.

Now, Asian American bloggers have started to highlight some of the problems Asian American people face in the beauty industry, like a lack of representation in the cosmetics industry.

Here’s a list of the beauty brands that are the target of this criticism.1.

Nars, Nars Liquid Matte Lipstick and Lipstick in Gold Nars Lipstick & Nail Polish in the Pearl and Silver shade: A lot of beauty brands have been making a concerted effort to be inclusive of Asian Americans, but the problem is, some of them are just not as diverse as the rest of the industry.

NARS and Nars lipsticks are two examples.

They were originally launched by NARS in 2009 and 2011, respectively, and both were made with gold and silver inks.

Nars Liquid Lipstick is a true gold color, while Nars Glossy Lipstick, which comes in three shades, is a deep, dark brown.

It’s a nice shade for the price, but I would have preferred to have seen Nars Matte Lipsticks.

I have to say, this was one of the first products I noticed in a beauty store I visited and was blown away by the sheer color.


Naira, Nairab Skin Care in Gold: Another one of Nairas beauty products is Nairabi Skin Care, a gold color lip treatment.

It contains a serum, an anti-aging cream, and a serum with a lotion that contains collagen and elastin.


K-Beauty, K-beauty Natural & Oily Liquid Lip Balm: This is another K- beauty product, but it’s also made with the gold inks in the product.


Bobbi Brown, Bobbi Smooth Face Balm in Gold & Red: Bobbi Brown was originally a skin care brand, but was discontinued last year, and now Bobbi’s Natural & oily face balm is the only product that uses the gold ink.


Sephora, Sephoral Nail Art: Sephora was originally founded in 1877 by an artist named Mary Blige, but is now owned by a beauty company called Sephors.

It was originally launched in 1970 as a makeup brand, and then moved to a nail art line in 2013.

The beauty line now sells products like this mascara, which has an eye shadow base in gold.


Urban Decay, Urban Decay Liquid Eye Pencil in Pink & Pink: Urban Decay has been making headlines recently for the use of the Asian American model and actress who went to prison for her part in the killing of a Black man in New York City in 2013, which prompted protests and backlash.

Urban was founded by Bobbi-Anne Binder in 1977.


Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Liquid Eye Care in Silver: Marc Jacobs has been using the gold as an in-house shade for its cosmetics line since the mid-1990s.

Marc’s Liquid Eye Cream has been used in products like their mascara, lip balms, and other cosmetics for years.


L’Oreal, L’Oréal Lip Balms in Gold, Brown & Black: The most visible brand of this category is L’ Oréal, which started in 1985 as an American cosmetics company.

L’ Orèal has always been a high-end brand that is known for their cosmetics, but lately, the gold has become a more mainstream product.

L overy has been pushing the brand into Asian and other ethnic communities for a few years now, but now they’re starting to target Asian American and Native American communities.


Bob’s Red Mill, Bob’s Creamy Facial Treatment in Gold in Brown: Bobby’s Red is Bob’s favorite brand of all time, and has been on the shelves of retailers for decades.

This treatment is based on Bob’s Browning, which is a famous white-lilac blend of lily and apricot.


CoverGirl, CoverGirl Natural Skin Cream in Gold and Blue: CoverGirl has been known for using Asian products in its beauty line since 1988.

Covergirl Natural Skin creams are a blend of blue, white, and red ingredients, and come in shades like green, peach, and yellow