Colgate has pulled the plug on its Whitening serum and Clarifying cosmetics line, with the products expected to be discontinued in April, according to a statement from the company.

The company did not say when the discontinuation would occur.

Colgate’s announcement follows a series of price drops across the cosmetics and personal care space, including the announcement in January that the Clarifying and Q5 Whitening cosmetics lines would be priced $39.99 and $29.99, respectively, in May.

Q7 Whitener: Price drop for all other Colgate products article Columgy, the parent company of Colgate, announced on Tuesday that its Q7 whitener was dropping to $4.99 from $6.49 in the U.S. on April 10.

Columogy said it would not be releasing a U.K. or Australian price.

Q7, which Colgate calls the “whitener” of the whitening products, is marketed as a whitening product with skin-whiten properties.

It was created by Clarisonic in 2007.

Whitening serum: Price dropping Colgate will drop the Colgate Whipping Serum, a product that is advertised as a skin whitening and moisturizing serum that comes in the form of a gel and a tube.

It comes in both a gel, which can be used with cleansers and a cream, and a clear tube that can be applied topically.

The product’s website says the serum is a skin-softening, anti-aging and moisture-wicking serum with a natural skin-enhancing ingredient.

Collegiate, a division of Clarisonics, is the company behind the product.

Colums has a portfolio of Whitening products in the $15-$19 range.