If you are looking for a whitening supplement that will help you stay moisturized and look your best, then this Arbutins Whitening serum is the one for you.

Arbutinos whitening cream is an antioxidant, and is ideal for both your skin and hair.

It contains arbutin, which helps protect your skin from harmful free radicals and other free radicals.

This product is also non-comedogenic and is not irritating to the skin.

The ingredients in this Arboretin Whitener Serum are:Arbutinos cream: arbutinosulphonic acid,sodium arbutina,vitamins A, C, E, C10, C14, calcium pantothenate,alpha hydroxybutyrate,folic acid,alpha-tocopherol,sorbitol,saponin,thiamine mononitrate,valerian extract,beta-glucan source Engdare