Posted June 25, 2019 11:03:30 Dior is selling a line of whitening creams, serum, and facial masks that claim to treat and protect against the sun, acne, and skin diseases that can lead to skin cancer.

The serum and skin masks are designed to be used on the skin without the need for sunscreen, and offer a number of other benefits, including whitening, lightening, and protecting against the effects of UV rays, according to a news release from Dior.

“Our products are designed for the skin to stay healthy and to help prevent premature aging and wrinkles,” said Andrea Dior, CEO of Dior Cosmetics.

The products range in price from $10 for a 12-pack to $250 for a 500-pack, but each can be purchased individually, for a total of $400.

They come in various shades and the masks are sold in both clear and translucent.

The masks are not the only skin care products on sale at the store.

There are also a number that include facial masks, creams and lotions, a facial oil, and a skincare product.

There are also beauty products that include moisturizers, makeup, and body products.

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