If you’ve been searching for a natural whitening agent that won’t leave your skin looking greasy or greasy-like, then Laneige has you covered.

The serum whiteners have a very nice pH and can be used on both skin types, and are available as a spray, cream, and liquid form.

The product is made with ingredients such as sea algae and seaweed, which have been fermented into a very light gel that’s suitable for sensitive skin types. 

The serum whitners also come in a few different formulations that can be mixed with water or used as a cream.

One formulation, the Sea Salt version, is made from the ingredient “sea salt” and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Another version, called the Aloe-Shine version, comes in a lighter, powdery formulation.

The final formulation, “Sea Salt Aloe White,” comes in white or a blueish tint that’s ideal for oily skin types and those with dry skin. 

Laneige’s Sea Salt Alole Whitening Serum Whitening Product Line The Laneige Sea Salt (Sea Salt) version is a gel, while the Alole White (Aloe-shine) version comes in an oil-free formulation.

Laneegis Sea Salt Skin Brightening Serums The Alole-Shade version is also available in a liquid, oil-less formulation, which means it’s more suitable for oily or dry skin types like those with dark circles. 

Sealed Skin Brightener Scentless skin brightener is another new product that Laneige is launching.

It’s not the first time the brand has launched a skin brightening serum with seaweed and seaweeds as ingredients, and the new product has some new additions.

The Sea Salt skin brighteners include sea algae extract, sea salt, sea water, and aloe-vera extract.

The aloe extract, like the one found in the original product, is a naturally-derived substance found in seaweed.

It also contains magnesium oxide, which is a chemical compound that helps to promote healthy skin and is the basis for the product’s anti-inflammatory properties.

 The Sea salt version of the product is a white gel that comes in three different sizes. 

Sea Salt $9.99 Sea Salt,Alole White,Sea Salt (Oil-Free) $11.99 Sea Aloe Shine $7.99 Sealed Skin $4.99 Aloe Green $2.99