The NHL and the National Hockey League Players Association are offering $2 million to help those who have had their skin whitened using a whitening product made by eFresh.

The players union announced the funding Wednesday, which comes on top of a $1.4 million grant to players last year.

The announcement comes a day after eFresh, which is owned by the same group of investors as EY, announced a $2.8 million grant in February to support skin whitening products for the first time.

The company is the first company to invest in the program.

The funding for the Whitening Challenge will go toward developing and testing new skin whiteners and developing products for players and their families, the union said in a news release.

eFresh’s whitening technology is also being used to help with skin blems.

It’s not clear how much the funds will help players who have suffered blemish-related injuries.

EFresh has said it hopes to have a whitener for players in place by 2021.