Kiwi-based beauty brand Makari is expanding its range of skin whitening products to include a skin whitener with antioxidant properties.

The company said the product was launched this week at its first-ever Sydney beauty event, which is set to take place at the Sydney Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The products are being launched in New Zealand in conjunction with the fair, which will run from Thursday to Sunday, and will also be broadcast in Australia on ABC TV, Channel Nine and Ten on Sunday.

‘Loving Kiwi’ Makaris first products, Makari Whitening Serum and Makari Skin Whitening Essence, are designed to be blended into a one-to-one mask for people with fair skin.

“With the inclusion of antioxidant ingredients, the skin whiteners also offer a high level of moisture protection, helping to nourish and protect skin,” the company said.

The product will be sold at New Zealand retail outlets on Saturday, with a launch in the United States on Sunday, the company’s website said.

“We hope to see this trend continue in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, where the beauty industry has a huge potential to grow,” the website said, before adding: “We are really excited to be working with Kiwi brand Makaris to bring this new product to our fair markets.”

The company is based in Auckland and has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

The launch follows similar launches by Korean beauty brand Dior, which last year announced a partnership with the Fairground to sell a range of its products in New South Wales and Queensland.