Dior is planning to replace its whitening cream with a new brand of serum that promises to reduce blemishes and protect the skin.

The brand, called “Dior Moisturizing Serum” (DMS), is designed to help reduce blems and to protect the delicate skin that’s under a lot of stress.

It’s priced at $32.99 per tube, which is significantly cheaper than most creams.

It will be available in the United States starting in the first quarter of 2019.

Dior is already selling the product under a different brand, the “Dermacare Serum,” which it bought in 2015.

Dermacentre is the French term for the company that owns the brands “Moisturizer” and “Moistsurifier.”

“The Dermacares Moisture Serum is a complete and exclusive solution of a unique combination of organic, organic ingredients,” the company said in a press release.

“Its ingredients include vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals.

Its skin-loving properties will be enhanced with a protective serum that is infused with the same natural ingredients that make up our most popular products, such as our Dermacentres Moisten and Moistene Serums.”

Dior spokesperson Nicole Ziegler said in the press release that the DMS is formulated to work “within the limits of the skin,” noting that its “deeper moisturizing properties are enhanced with vitamin and mineral-rich natural ingredients.”

The product is being launched as part of a larger initiative to make the Dior brand more affordable for consumers.

A new line of Dior moisturizers will also launch starting in 2019. 

In addition to the Dermaccare Sera, the company is also developing “Dardermacres Serum.” 

According to a press statement, the new product is designed “to protect the body from signs of aging and disease,” including wrinkles, acne, and the appearance of white spots.

The new Dardermascare Seral will include ingredients that are “similar to Dior’s Moistencers, but are enriched with vitamins and minerals that will provide a healthier, more radiant complexion.”

Dardemascare is also designed to reduce “the appearance of signs of ageing and disease, including wrinkles and acne.”

The new serum is also expected to have “the benefits of the Dardemacres Moistsurifying Serum, including vitamins and natural moisturizers, in a more hydrating and protective way.”

“It is designed for sensitive skin that needs protection from the elements, such, sun damage, UV rays and UVA rays,” the brand said. 

According a spokesperson, “Décoles Moisturs is designed with the skin in mind, in which the ingredients of the moisturizing serum are not to be taken too seriously.

We aim to give the product the utmost care to deliver a natural and nourishing experience for the skin.”DARDERMACCARE SERA $32.00A total of 14 different products from the DADermacases Serum will be released by Dior in 2019, with a total of 25 products. 

The DMS will come in at a price of $32 per tube and will cost $30.99 at retailers, and $33.99 online. 

“Dior’s first foray into the beauty and skin care industry is a bold move for the brand,” said Michael Tarrant, director of brand development at The Face Shop.

“This is another example of the brand’s commitment to deliver quality products at affordable prices.”