Israel will soon sell its second commercial skin-whitening product, according to a report by Haaretz, which cited unnamed sources in the industry.

The product, named Deion, will be marketed in the Israeli market as a “skin-whitering solution for the skin” after it was approved by the country’s health ministry.

The ministry approved the product for sale as a whitening agent in August, after which the company was licensed to sell the product in Israeli markets.

The new product will be sold by a company called Deion and it will have the same ingredients as the first Deion product, said the report.

Deion is the second Israeli skin-cleanser company to be licensed to make a commercial product.

In June, the Israeli cosmetics manufacturer Arit Pharma began selling the Deion products in Israel, as part of an agreement with the Israeli health ministry, according the report, which was published by Haetz on Thursday.

Arit Pharma also announced a partnership with Skin Care Israel to produce the Deior skin-blending product.

Deior will be the first product in Israel that will have a natural product name, according a company representative.

Israel’s health minister said that Deion will not contain any chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to the environment, according Haetz.

The Deion skin-clotting serum is a cream containing 100 percent deionized water, according Skin Care.

It has been available in Israel for about a year.

Skin Care Israel was not immediately available for comment.

A dermatologist in Tel Aviv told Haetz that Deior will have no more active ingredients than the other Deion moisturizers.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the deionizing water was safe for people to use.