Shiseida whitening moisturizer is the new product to make the rounds in Japan.

The Shiseidos brand is making a major comeback with a product line that includes whitening serums, as well as moisturizers and masks. 

The Shiseideo Whitening Cream contains three ingredients: white rice flour, white rice vinegar, and white rice extract, and it has been dubbed the best whitening cream in the world. 

When you combine all three ingredients, the whitening agent can be applied to any area, leaving it moisturizing and even protecting skin from sun damage.

The product retails for about 1,000 yen ($23). 

The brand is also the one to beat in terms of price, selling the Shiseids whitening powder for 2,000 won ($1.32). 

To top it off, the product is available in a range of flavors, including vanilla, peach, coconut, strawberry, strawberry-bitter, and strawberry-chocolate, among others.

Shisei White Cream is a blend of two types of white rice, with the former being an added ingredient.

The original Shiseidan white rice can be found in Japanese restaurants and convenience stores, and the brand sells a range in convenience stores and supermarkets. 

This new product is based on Shiseidas own research, which found that whitening ingredients help to reduce skin aging and prevent wrinkles.

Shiseido Whitenning Cream is made from rice flour that is extracted from white rice.

The product is made with white rice starch and white starch extract, a natural ingredient, and is not a natural whitening product.

Shiso is a trademark of Shiseis subsidiary Shiseiden Co., Ltd. 

Source: Shiseijo Whitener, via Naver Matome, Topix